Personal Life Edit

Tabitha "TJ" Jane Heath (born June 11 2003) is 13 years old. She owns two dog called Shelby

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and Cooper. She has got a sister called Heather, and they are really close. Her Best Friends from Gymnastics are Arden Martino, Mia Dinoto, Sydney Morris and Julianna LeBlanc.

Gymnastics Edit

She started Gymnastics at a young age. She is currently competing USAG level 8. She is very good at Beam and Bars.

Trivia Edit

  • She went to Starbucks the exact day and time she was born to turn 13 at Starbucks
  • She has met Alex Wassabi
  • She has got a youtube channel called "Keeping Tabs"
  • She loves Arizona tea

Social Media Edit

Tabitha's Youtube: [1]

Tabitha's Instagram:[2]

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