Katie Elizabeth Donnelly (born 25 June 2004) is a Level 9 Coral Girl. She has a YouTube channel called Flippin' Katie.

Personal Life

Katie was born on 25 June 2004 in Maryland. Her parents are named Jill and Mike. She also has an older brother named Brennan and a younger brother named Ryan.


Katie began gymnastics at the age of six years old. She is currently training USAG Level 9 and competes with 1st Class Gymnastics, and has since 2014. She has also competed with Win-Win Gymnastics from 2012-2014.

She began homeschooling in 2015 in order to focus on gymnastics.


  • Her is @katie8228.
  • She loves pigs.
  • She used to do swimming as well as gymnastics, but quit to focus on gymnastics.

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