Julianna Grace "Annie" LeBlanc (born 5 December 2004), also known as Annie Bratayley, is a Level 9 Coral Girl. She has a YouTube channel called Annie LeBlanc and a family YouTube channel called Bratayley.

Personal Life

Annie was born on 5 December 2004 in Georgia. Her parents are named Katie and Billy. She has a younger sister named Hayley, who is eight years old. She also has a brother, Caleb, who sadly passed away on 1 October 2015 from a rare heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Her family owns three dogs: Piper, Winnie, and Gigi. (They used to own two other dogs named Toshi and Rylie, and a cat named Lynx. Lynx passed away on 25 June 2013, Toshi on 21 September 2013, and Rylie on 15 April 2014.)


Annie began gymnastics at the age of three years old. She is currently training USAG Level 9 and competes with 1st Class Gymnastics, and has since 2014. She has also competed with Champions Gymnastics from 2009-2011, Docksiders Gymnastics from 2011-2013, and Win-Win Gymnastics from 2013-2014.

She began homeschooling in 2014 in order to focus on gymnastics.


  • Her is @presshandstands7.
  • Her YouTube account used to be called acroanna.
  • She doesn't want to go to the Olympics, but she wants to do NCAA (college) gymnastics.
  • She loves doing press handstands and takes handstand videos in every city she travels to.
  • She is good friends with Olympic silver medalist Shawn Johnson.
  • She used to be part of SevenAwesomeKids, but left due to gymnastics.
  • She has signed with Disney's Maker Studios.
  • She has said that Katie Donnelly is her best friend, and she thinks of her more as a sister than a friend.
  • Her favorite colors are mint green and coral.

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